Jeg tror jeg drømmer

by Karoline Hausted

Released 2012
Released 2012
Silence is the new loud
The new batch of songs from Karoline Hausted ‘Jeg tror jeg drømmer’ has come to be through years of honing a universe of subtle melancholy. ‘Jeg tror jeg drømmer’ features Danish lyrics, unlike her previous full album. But in the case of these beautiful soundscapes language quickly becomes a secondary factor, and one can easily submerse oneself into this music and simply let the lyrical content add to the haunting flavor.

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Once again a very special tone and mood ... blissfully impossible to put into any genre box" - 

Pelle Sonne Lohmann, GAFFA

"Here is something as rare as an original artistic temperament at play. Hushed, special and urgent, she is addictive as a drug and completely impossible to get out of the system." 

Klaus Lynggard, Information



“… Magnificent musical landscapes both bright, futuristic, sophisticated and enchanting. This artistic turn is ultimately surprising…”

 Sabine De Greef, With Music In My Mind


“Harmonic fullness and startling beauty…”

Jean Pierre Moya , Rockomondo


“A voice that can melt the darkest of hearts…”

Music From Another Surface

To Wake You (new project)

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